Basics You Need To Know About Credit Card Terminals

Going with contemporary payment methods, businesses are learning to use tools and equipment to cater customers’ needs. Undeniably, one of the most common features that customers look at when buying things are payment methods. This is why most businesses, if not all, get their hands on free credit card terminals.

The reason why credit cards are widely used nowadays is because of its convenience. In line with this, business owners add an option for their payment method, which is via card. For this method to be more convenient, business owners obtain the necessary equipment called credit card terminals, which can bought or offered for free.

How Credit Card Terminals Work

Getting one is easy, whether it is paid or free. Knowing how it works or how to use it is the next thing you should know. There are 3 main steps that the machine follows:

  1. The merchant authenticates payment. This is done after the customer has chosen a product that he/she will buy. The merchant will then type in the details to the machine and show it to the customer for confirmation.
  2. The customer fills in the details for the transaction. This is when the buyer will fill in necessary details to the device, insert his/her card, and then hit ‘Enter.’ There are also transactions where the customer can only tap his/her card on the device to confirm the payment.
  3. The device prints out receipt. The receipt serves as a proof of transaction done between the merchant and customer.

There are a lot that happens without our notice when authorizations are done, like the machine confirms if the card is genuine, or the machine confirms that the card has enough cleared funds, and many more. The authentication and confirmation may take seconds to complete but the payment is usually transferred from the bank within 2-4 days from purchase.

Cost and Fees Associated With Credit Card Terminals

When you finally decide to get a credit card processing machine for your business, you will then look for a place to buy one. You can ask for help and recommendations but the most common place would be the bank.

There are banks that offer you free credit card terminals as long as you maintain a merchant account with them. Other banks prefer that you lease or buy the equipment from them. Either way, different banks offer different conditions.

The Bottom Line

You should never forget to do a lot of research when acquiring new things for your business. It is critical that you know what you are getting into. With different opportunities around you, pick out the best one and most efficient for your business.

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