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Practical Tips to Maintain and Change Rubber Tracks

In the present scenario construction industry is dependent on machinery to fulfill job at a fast pace. What a machine can do, you will require a couple of laborers to finish the same task. The dependency on machine is increasing because of convenience. You can see several machines, which can file and transport heavy construction material with great amount of ease. This makes them a necessary element on every construction site. A couple of decades ago, the same taskswere difficult, but with the availability of rubber tracks for skid steers and heavy machines, the job can be done smoothly. This saves a lot of time and energy.


When you are using a powerful machine to fulfillyour business tasks, it is imperative to take care of its parts because improper maintenance may disturb the work and its performance. You have to make sure that your work is not interrupted.  While using excavators it necessary to think about damage control and maintenance is the only thing by which you can control it.

rubber tracks for skid steers

In the same context, tracks of the excavator you are using require good maintenance because this is the thing, which is moving on the surface and bearing the weight of the machine. The rubber tracks are susceptible to damage. You need to purchase good quality rubber tracks for skid steers to decrease the downtime of your excavator. Other undercarriage components like raw large sprockets are supposed to be checked at regular intervals.

Even if you are moving your excavator on a moist place, where the mud is slippery and it is unable to move a tractor or any kind of machine from there. In this situation, your rubber tracks will provide an excellent solution for this. Rubber tracks will grip properly and your excavator can move on. When you use these rubber tracks regularly, it becomes imperative to check wear and tear in them and find out if they need replacing. You can check online suppliers to get a specific product with cost effective rates.

How to perform the maintenance tasks

  • You need to check the cover plate, which is on the side of the track.
  • While checking below the machine lift it with the help of Dozer blade, and lock the machine. This will prevent accidentally dropping when you are changing the rubber track.
  • There is a cover plate, which you can unbolt to check the grease. If required you can fill some.

Remember to perform the task of changing rubber tracks at your own if you are doing it for the first time. You need some expert health to understand its intricacies and do not take security measures for granted.

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