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Robo Financial Advisors – Myths

There are many myths associated with automated investment platforms. These are just myths that can be easily shattered by examining the underlying truths hidden under each one.

We are going to analyze these trends in turn. Like this:

Myth  1

Robotic counseling options are for young adults only.

The actual truth behind this

The underlying concept behind the claim that the digital financial services range is for the 23-30 age group is nothing more than a myth. Many traditional investors still believe that digital investment platforms are only for techies or a group of technologically advanced people. But look at it from the other side. The average age for using robo-consultant software as an investment option worldwide is 40 and older.

Myth 2

Can robot advisors replace humans?

Actual ideas related to this

Robo Financial Advisor automates most of your investment tasks. There is factual truth behind all this. But can robotic finance consultants completely replace humans? No, that will never happen.

The financial world definitely needs a human touch to deal with clients’ problems and troublesome problems from time to time. Your misfortunes and grievances can only be consoled by human touch. A group of robotic financial advisors will only advise on data. But to give you that extra boost, there will always be an experienced financial advisor or mentor on board.

Robo Financial Advisors

Myth 3

Do robo-consultants use a ready-made investment portfolio?

The actual truth behind this

The best money management software is not based on the idea of ​​using off-the-shelf or off-the-shelf investment portfolios. This myth is undoubtedly a false statement. Robo consultants create a personalized investment platform based on the client’s risk appetite. Based on their previous experience, robo-consultants create a type of portfolio that the aforementioned investor can easily internalize. These digital advisors set achievable financial goals. Basically, you get real-time results based on the information you provide to the digitized platform.

Myth 4

How risky is it to invest in innovative investment technology for robots?

The actual ideas behind it all

I would say that the idea of ​​investing your money in an investment platform with robots is a safer option. On the contrary, there are many people who believe that investing through a fully digitalized platform is not a safe option.

How do you think, in developed countries such as the US, UK, Singapore and Australia, the level of per capita income among independent households is always higher? The main reason for this is that they rely solely on digital data to make important investment decisions.

Theft advisors are governed by the SEBI (Stock Exchange Council of India) Financial Law and therefore maintain a strict degree of regulation or authority.

However, the data provided by individual investors also remain unchanged. A large number of the best robo advisor use bank-encrypted security measures to ensure the security factor of client accounts and confidential bank details.

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