Finding a Co-Working Space in Hong Kong

In 1995, Bernie DeKoven used the work Co-working for the first time. Let it be a start-up, small/mid-sized business, into freelancing, need a space/ environment to work, the co-working space can be the best choice.

In Asia, Hong Kong is the epicenter of business, trade, technology, IT, etc. Co-working spaces in Hong Kong play a major role in the start-up and entrepreneurs and bringing all the business together establishing a community. According to Forbes, Hong Kong is the leading tech locations in the world.

What exactly is a co-working space hong kong? It is an office space people often come to break the isolation from the home office or coffee shop. These spaces provide all the amenities like meeting room, coffee, kitchen access, reception, cleaning services, and many more. A community will be establishe; most of them include freelancers, entrepreneurs, start-ups, small teams who are looking for flexible space. It helps to bring the people together and create a healthy dynamic & lively atmosphere to increase their productivity. Cost plays a major role here as you can only rent for your needs and can customize it, based on which it be charged rather than a normal office space which will cost more.

One of the co-working space in Hong Kong is “The Work project” They are known for cutting edge design, beautiful space & highest service standards. They make sure will change how the people feel about going to work and share and exchange cultural habit for getting the best out of oneself.

Co-Working Space  in Hong Kong

The work project has been tied up with wide selections of trusted brands around the world for their members to experience the exclusive privileges & rewards for a greater experience. Some of them to mention are Heathway Medical – access to affordable quality healthcare; Laundry Mart – 24 Hr self-service laundry care in Singapore & Impressed laundry in Hong Kong; Fitness First – cutting edge gym facilities and many more.

They are branched out in Hong Kong & Singapore with one & four venues respectively in each country.  There are four plans to choose from which is flexible for the type of work as part-time, small business, etc.  The four plans are Work-Anywhere; Part-time Hot Desk; Full-time Hot Desk & Private Office. Each plan has a package crafted based on the work type, and the costs vary on the selection. They also provide a tour, needs to be scheduled before.

Some of the membership benefits include high-speed internet, air conditioning, mail handling & cleaning services daily, small meeting rooms. A weekly Happy Hours included giving access to professional events, discounts & benefits with the lifestyle partner.

“The Work Space” elevates the co-working core values like collaboration, accessibility, community, productivity & openness.  To learn more about “The Work Space” please visit the link

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