Get your Stamping-Tools Done Easily

Stamping-tools and wood branding tools are quite useful if you find the right one, and can ruin a perfect product if not. So, it is essential to find a perfect maker for your very own stamping and branding tools. You can even order these tools online based on your requirements and design you want to brand. All you have to is to place an order on and your very own brander is delivered at your doorsteps.  brings amazing collection of different branding and stamping tools.


They offer various types of stamping tools to brand leather easily and within no time. There are various types of tools available like Non-Heated, Heat-Assisted and Monogramming. You can buy any of them depending on your requirements and scale of work.

  • Heat-Assisted

These tools involve stamping with the help of heat and embossing on leather. All you have to do is to plug in the tool and let it heat enough to emboss on the leather surface. It is hustle free and easy to use.

  • Non-Heated

Non-heated devices work on the phenomena of pressure and one has to hammer them to the leather surface in order to emboss your logo on leather. It is a traditional method and requires a hammer to emboss the design.

  • Monogramming

If you have a constant need for printing various words or alphabet quite often, then it is not possible to have so many different Stamping-Tools for each one. In this case, you can use monogramming tools and emboss different sets of alphabets easily and without much effort and investment.


Wood Branding

Wood branding tools come in various types including Electrically heated and Manually heated, you can get anyone depending upon your level of proficiency and scale of work. It can be quite a useful tool to brand designs, QR codes, logos, and others on wood easily. You can place an order along with payment and your design, then just sit back and relax. Your order will be delivered right at your doorsteps within a few days.

  • Manually Heated Branding Tools

Manually heated tools are needed to be pre-heated by an external source before using, it requires to attend a specific temperature before you can start branding, it is more of a traditional method and requires expertise to produce perfect imprint. If you’re not skilled at branding it is better to avoid this kind of branding tools.

  • Electrically Heated Branding Tools

Electrically heated tools do not require any external source of heat, all you have to do is to plug them into a socket and it will start heating automatically and attain the temperature required for perfect branding on wood.

You can use different types of wood and leather branding tools to imprint and emboss your brand name on different products, make sure you order them at LW custom works. They’ll make sure you get the perfect and precise branding tool that can give you great imprint without many efforts. Select your design, place an order along with design and payment. And your order will reach you in the shortest time possible. You can visit for further details.

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