Is your water fit for drinking?

If you have observed your skin and hair becoming drier after every wash, or your utensils and your sink stained, it is because you are receiving hard water. Hard water is water that contains minerals like calcium, magnesium, sulfur, iron, lead and limestone. These minerals are the reason why you find those stubborn stains on your sink and bathtub, too.

The effects of hard water can be minimized by the use of the best water softener 

Water softeners are used to soften water. These follow the technique where the ions that make the water hard, are removed. The magnesium and calcium ions are exchanged with potassium or sodium ions. It is then that the process of regeneration begins with the water softener and flushes the system of the extra ions. This process is taken place till the time the system is recharged with the new ions of sodium. You could check here for some of the best water softeners.

By reducing the scale buildup, the water softeners lengthen the life of the electric appliances like water heater and dishwasher, etc. Scale (limescale) is the chalky substance made up of calcium and magnesium bicarbonate. It can clog the plumbing to such an extent it becomes useless over time and could need to be replaced. Water softeners are needed to reduce the buildup and restore the plumbing.


Effects of hard water 

  1. Hard water leads to yellowish stains on plumbing fixtures.
  2. If left untreated, hard water could shorten the life of appliances like the washing machine, water heaters and dishwashers.
  3. It could burn a hole in your pocket considering the number of repairs it will take before you finally have to dispose of these appliances.
  4. Glass utensils become brittle and breakable. The stains on the glassware need extra scrubbing which damages the utensils. Moreover, you also need to use a lot of soap.
  5. The clothes become grey and the colors fade fast because of hard water. Using a fabric softener could help, but a better alternative is using the best water softener to get rid of the problem from its root.

Water softeners 

Water softeners help improve the quality of the water by exchanging the ions. These also reduce the need to use more soap for washing or cleaning purposes. You could check here for the best water softeners. Clothes stay softer after washing and utensils stay cleaner. Plumbing also works well due to the absence of limescale buildup.

Water softener systems last up to 10 to 15 years. You may check here for some of the best water softeners and select the ones that suit your needs.


Hard water may be good for drinking as it could add to your daily dietary needs for calcium, but higher levels of calcium and magnesium could cause health problems. Using water softeners solves the problem by making it fit for drinking and washing and keeping not only your health, but also your home appliances in a better condition.

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