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How to choose your water tank

The types and models of the water tank are many, the choice of which depends on their operating system, the energy source used, but especially your daily need for hot water.

 Different types of water tanks depending on the energy

The first criterion that determines your choice of water tank is probably the energy used for the production of hot water. It can be gas, electricity, thermodynamics or solar energy.

The electric water tanks are widely used because of their affordable prices, the lack of space caused during installation, but especially the functions they provide. However, they remain very energy-intensive equipment.

The water tank fossil fuels offer better fuel efficiency than the electrical system and ensure a rapid ramp. However, installing a whole water heating system (gas, fuel, wood) requires a lot of investment. But, is it worthwhile to undertake renovations for so little energy savings?

The thermodynamic water tank are increasingly acclaimed as they reduce your electrical energy consumption by 3 or 4. The acquisition of equipment (heat pump and hot water cylinder) and installation require a big investment but you can benefit from financial aid under certain conditions.

The solar water tank transforms the cold water hot water by solar energy absorbed by the panels. This solution is the most ecological and the most interesting since it reduces your consumption by up to 75%, but it is not suitable for all residences. This equipment requires continuous exposure to the sun over a large area without the shadow of buildings or vegetation.

Different types of the water tank, depending on the operating system

The water tank is divided according to 2 large families: so-called instantaneous water heaters and those with accumulation.

The first instant model, as its name suggests, allows the production of domestic hot water instantly, without prior energy storage, but the big disadvantage of this operating system is its high energy consumption.

On the other hand, to ensure a greater hot water production capacity at a lower cost, the storage model called the hot water tank is the most suitable, thanks to its storage tank.

The different types of water tank depending on the capacity

Before installing a water tank it is important to estimate your daily consumption of domestic hot water. For example, a shower may require 40 liters, while a bath consumes 160 liters. These figures are indicative, depending on the size of your home, the frequency of hot water use and the habits of each member of your household. On the other hand, they remain a determining element for the choice of the capacity of your water heater.

Water tank price guide

Today, it is almost impossible to imagine living in a house without a water heater, as it has become synonymous with comfort. Being an integral part of your daily life, this domestic equipment ensures the production of domestic hot water using a source of energy.

The purchase price of a water heater

The tankless water tank installation gas or electric is the cheapest on the market, requiring an investment between 200 to 600 €.

Storage equipment is indeed more expensive, but it offers better energy efficiency. Thus, it is necessary to provide between 200 € to 5000 € for the electrical devices and between 400 € to 3000 € for those with gas.

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