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The Importance of Identification

You must have the late Michael Jackson in younger age; born in 1958 he was known as the king of the pop and one of the most popular celebrities in the world. But have you seen Mr. Jackson in the later years of his life, a kid born in the 2000’s will be able to recognize that the Jackson or 1970’s and of 2000’s was the same person? That is because of the surgeries that he went through to change his appearance. Changing one’s identity today may be difficult even today also, but in the digital world where you can be anybody or look like any other person. Isn’t it?

The biggest disadvantage of the connectivity in today’s world is this only that any person can claim to be someone else to cheat or commit a fraud or due to any other reason. If this identity theft involves some anti-social behavior then it becomes a real cause of worry for the victim. How can you save yourself from this problem? We have the perfect solution for you, Ipsidy. Ipsidy is a mobile platform that can be integrated into any system allowing the user to authenticate the identity of the person using any kind of service or performing any function. Today Ipsidy has been used in many government and private enterprises to successfully integrate the identification of all those individuals who are involved with that organization.


Here are a few examples of Ipsidy and how it can be used:

  1. Entry into any organization: with the Ipsidy mobile application available on you can create an entry pass of that person for a specific time slot. The person will get a notification of the created pass and when he/she enters the building you will get a message of his arrival. It will save you from the trouble of identifying the person at every step.
  2. Build a database of the employees: in a live example the US government has deployed the Ipsidy platform to create a database of all the transportation employees and they have to go through biometric authentication before entering the work area. This allows the government to keep a track of all its employees and check their true identification, ultimately protecting the country. The product used here is the IdSearch which can also indicate about the coming and exiting of the employee from the building with the help of Bluetooth and Ipsidy tracking system.
  3. Organizational tasks: Think about the amount of work the employees had to do during elections, ensuring that no person should vote twice for any one candidate. The IdSearch is a tool developed by Ipsidy which can integrate all the voters of a country with their biometric and fingerprints data. This will allow them to authenticate the identity of the voter and enable smooth elections in the country.

The Ipsidy database is so robust and strengthened at the backend that there is no risk of any data leakage and hacking into it. To know about other possibilities with Ipsidy you can visit the website and understand the full potential of this platform.

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