Healthy Hydration for Optimum Training Performance

If you’re a person who engages in workout and training, then the importance of hydration is already familiar to you. Nonetheless, there may still be people who do the hydration method in the wrong way. Some would only bring a bottle of water purchased from a Water delivery company while others would only drink a few glasses of water from a water cooler provided by the fitness facility. All because they believe that drinking water would cause bloating, sloshing, and other situations that could lead to poor performance.

Total Hydration Couldn’t Be Wrong

In contrast to what some individuals believe, complete hydration offers a wide array of benefits to training athletes and workout buffs. Discover some ofit below:

Hydration is good for muscle and joint functions

All forms of training essentially use the muscles and joints. Since these parts of the body typically receive the consequences of workout and training, it’s simply rational to nourish it properly by acting out the proper hydration techniques. Specifically, a well hydrated body delivers sufficient nutrients to the muscles and eliminates waste product produced during the rigorous activity. As for the joints, hydration helps in good lubrication, thus prevent joint discomfort which in turn can help improve performance.

Hydration helps in cooling off the body

People who workout and train increases the body heat as they execute the routine. In time that their body heat is way beyond the normal level, it may stress out the bodyaffecting the person’s energy level, and, of course, the performance. Complete hydration helps in cooling down the body temperature and maintain the energy needed to achieve better performance in training.

Hydration aids mental focus

Apart from the significance of physical attributes, the mental aspect also plays a key role in the overall result of the training. While dehydration is linked to poor mental focus and fatigue, a well-hydrated athlete shows alertness and improved performance according to many recent studies.

Hydration Schedule Suggestions

  • Pre-training
  1. Hydrate 0.6 liters of water 2 – 3 hours before training.
  2. Hydrate 0.24 liters of water 20 – 30 minutes before training.
  • During Training

Hydrate 0.30 liters every 10 – 20 minutes during training. However, according to a study conducted by a group of English researchers, thirst-based hydration can improve performance in training, so you might want to apply this option instead.

  • Post-training
  1. Hydrate 0.24 liters of water 30 minutes after training
  2. Hydrate 0.71 liters of water for every pound lost during the training. Alternatively, hydrate according to how your thirst can be quenched. But you have to take note that thirst can be inaccurate sometimes in assessing your hydration status so you might need to double check it with the color of your urine. When it’s clear, then you might be well-hydrated. But if it’s colored (like an apple juice), then take full advantage of your decision to obtain drinking water from big springs natural spring water or any other Water delivery service near you.


Hydration is a very significant concept in training. Simply do it in the right way to fully reap its benefits.

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