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Most customers leave reviews after making a purchase. These reviews can either make or break an organization depending on the customer and their outlook on your business. While good reviews boost your business, bad reviews can cause your business severe damages. Most customers before making a purchase read the product reviews. People make decisions to make a purchase based other people experiences. It is essential to understand the damage, bad review cause and to what extent does your business suffer due to this.

Losing customers

The aspect represents an apparent result that is caused by the negative comments that your business receives.  Most people would shun away from buying a product they previously wanted to buy just because of the negative comments it has received. Negative response spread fast hence this will be accepted by many individuals who might immediately abandon the business.


When the first bad comment is aired out, you will be surprised by how fast other customers will rise will the same adverse comments relating to the first one. This will result in some refunds headed your way.Refunding your customers can run you dry quicker than you expect. Other customers may even cancel previous orders. Others might even come with lawsuits threatening the existence of your business.

Bad publicity

The more the negative comments spread about your business, the more the damage done. Your company’s image is slowly getting destroyed. You end up losing more customers to an extent no one would consider buying your products. This is the breaking point of your business.

With all these negativity, the best solution is to deal with the matter before it reaches a point where it cannot be controlled. The latter will involve dealing with the negative reviews to save your business reputation as well as existing customer base.

Read the reviews

This phase is the most critical step in reclaiming your business reputation. Reading all the undesirable remarks.Although it might be uncomfortable and at times discouraging to read them, it is essential to understand what made the customer angry that they resulted in writing or commenting negatively on your product.As in the case of San Jose BMW motorcycles, the customer responded to bad customer service that he received.This enables you to understand how to approach the matter and help you plan a response to the dissatisfied customer.

Show that you understand

Emphasizing with the customer shows that you care. It shows that you have felt the discomfort or the disappointment of the customer. This will enable the customer to let his guard down and consider knowing what you have to say.

You will require using phrases like “I’d also be disappointed” or “I cannot imagine the frustration you have endured.

Prepare a public apology

Since this will be public, you have to ensure you use the appropriate language. It is vital to sound sincere in your apology. Make the disappointed customer believe your apology. Choose the right words for your apology. A public apology shows that your business has nothing to hide.

Avoid defending yourself

Accept that the customer is wronged. Defending yourself will damage your business more than the comment would. It is essential that you humble yourself for the sake of the company.

Reviews are the soul of business it is vital to ensure that the good comments outnumber the bad comments. This notion will help your business maintain a clear image of the customers.The positive response will gradually drown the negative response. Always ensure that the bad comments are responded to as it will help repair the customer trust that might have been damaged.

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