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DIY Corporate Video – Why It Might Be a Bad Idea

Doing a corporate video in-house may or may not be a good idea depending on many factors, including but not limited to scale, capability, audience, budget, etc. You can pretty much whip up a corporate video on your iPad or personal computer in a few hours if it is simple enough and does not have many complex elements to show. If you are a freelancer, a DIY video might suffice for selling your portfolio to potential clients. However, if you are a corporate, a DIY corporate video could severely damage your reputation, creating the opposite effect to the one you intend.

There are several quality video production firms who specialize in corporate videos, and a simple Google search of corporate video production services Melbourne will get you some of the companies in the Melbourne area. Here are some of the mistakes you could make if you produce your corporate video that professionals know how to avoid.

  1. Audience targeting and identifying their needs

Just like any other form of content, corporate videos must be tailored to a specific target audience. It’s not just about what your intended message is, but also about how you convey it to them. As a corporate, you may have the data you need in a scattered form that needs to be made sense of. A professional video agency will help you to use this information to create a video that delivers what your customers need.

corporate video production services Melbourne

  1. Script

A big factor that distinguishes a DIY corporate video from a professionally made one is the lack of a script. The absence of a proper script will have significant effects on the quality of the final production. You may think that you know what to say when the camera starts rolling, but in truth, a script is an integral part of getting a video done professionally. A corporate video production agency will help you with words, the gestures and overall body language so that the whole thing comes out to be natural and less forced.

  1. Camera and lights

Professional video agencies know the technical nuances of producing a video with the right camera position and lighting effects. DIY corporate videos where an untrained person shoots the whole thing with a camera will suffer from blur and loss of focus, and an overall degradation in quality when compared to technically sound producers who know how to place the camera and lights to get the best out of every shot.

  1. Editing

Editing can make or break your video. DIY corporate videos suffer from poor editing because it isn’t as easy as it sounds. Sure, there are lots of tools, many of them free, to do the job, butif you are a video amateur, there’s only so much you will be able to achieve.

In contrast, an agency will have the right tools to get the best from your footage.

If you want to hire an agency around Melbourne for your corporate video, search corporate video production services Melbourneon Google.

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