Would Mayfair Modern be considered a place with the excellent environment?

Mayfair Modern is recently developing condos for rent that is located in Bukit Timah. It is situated just a few steps from Mayfair Modern King Albert Park It has a most excellent environment for one to stay at in Bukit Timah. Mayfair modern has plenty of facilities such as security guards for the safety of the residents and even gym room. Also, sports facilities like tennis court, swimming pool, and function room and club solely intended for social gatherings of the residents.

What makes the life of the residents very easy and comfortable?

The condo is cleverly positioned with a lot of shopping centers found around it. For instance, the most popular shopping center of Bukit Timah which will be the main center of shopping for people who comes from other places. Beauty World Center and Beauty World Plaza are also found where it makes the life of the resident more comfortable in terms of shopping needs. In addition, the condo is close to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve a place where families can spend some time, especially during weekends. The. King Albert Park MRT from the Downtown Line which just a few steps from the condo makes the residents more access to travel to some other places. There are routes that can be used by busses and those who own cars.

Mayfair Modern King Albert Park

Would the presence of academic institution advantageous to the residents?

The condo is nearly situated to various academic institutions including international schools. Staying in the condo will make the homeowners close to such institutions in that way parents will be spending less time sending their kids to school. This will also save time for kids as they will stay at home and get enough time to rest and study. Prestigious schools and universities are also found around the condo. It makes parents very happy for they can do many things after children are sent to school. On the other hand, children could also do their homework earlier for they can arrive home quickly as the schools are located near the homeowner’s residence. They could even have time for playing after the homeworks are done.

What makes Mayfair Modern be the choice of the homeowners?

Mayfair Modern has a great request as development providers who are of high quality. They are able to mechanize the same tasks to develop the quality of service to customers. Its location is also seen to be a good position in favor of the homeowners. It is located in a place where it could be easily accessed by any means of transport.stay there. All this are drafted purposely for the needs of the customers. For those who need to have the best experience,  be a resident of Mayfair Modern.

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