Podcasts: An Easy Way to Learn About Bitcoins

In today’s world, many new technologies are coming every day. It is hard to keep pace with all of them. Also, we cannot go around taking courses to learn about new technologies as the developments are happening in a very fast mode. What we learn today through a course might get outdated in half a year. So, we have to get into the mode of continuous learning. Fortunately, many avenues for learning have come up in the modern world. The Internet has enabled several channels of learning. These include YouTube videos, Moodle courses, podcasts, product websites, etc. All of them are greatly suited to promote learning and can help us get familiar with complex features of new technologies.

Podcasts are a particularly easy way to know and learn about anything. They are in the form of audio or video files that can be downloaded from the Internet to a computer or mobile phone and can be listened or watched at one’s own leisure. Podcasts are usually available in a serial form and new installments are released daily, weekly or monthly as decided by their creators. One new technology that is puzzling people around the world is cryptocurrency in the form of bitcoins and altcoins. Podcasts offer an amazing and easy way to learn about cryptocurrency. Let’s see some podcasts that enlighten you about bitcoins and altcoins.

The Bitcoin Podcast Network

Being touted as the currency of the future, Bitcoin still has a lot of haze around it. The podcasts in The Bitcoin Podcast Network start from the very basics of bitcoin and bring easy explanations to the listeners. They also throw light upon different aspects of bitcoin, such as blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, etc. They also include interviews and sessions with experts in this field. The Bitcoin Podcasts Network has gained immense popularity around the world and is very frequent in creating new installments of its podcasts. Its library of podcasts is growing steadily and already has around 140 podcasts.

The Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast

Podcasts contained in The Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast illumine the technical aspects of bitcoins and the blockchain technology behind it. They give you an in-depth knowledge of the operation of bitcoins. They are usually in the form of interviews of the experts from the field of bitcoins. Listeners can learn tremendously from the analysis of cryptocurrency offered in the podcasts of The Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast also offers the Beginner’s Toolkit on its website to give listeners an easy understanding of bitcoin.


Hosted by Brian Fabian Crain, Sebastien Couture and Meher Roy, Epicenter brings weekly podcasts in the form of discussion on the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency as well as new developments in these areas. Directed at the people already dealing in cryptocurrency, Epicenter podcasts try to bring to the fore ideas that can promote cryptocurrency.

These are some of the many informative podcast networks on the blockchain technology. They have a wealth of knowledge on this topic that they are sharing with the world for free. If you want to learn what’s happening in the realm of cryptocurrency, you just have to download the podcasts from any of these producers and listen at your own leisure.

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